Little Les Mis things that break my heart 2/?

When Enjolras tells the boys they’re the only barricade left, and Gavroche starts singing Do You Hear The People Sing? Enjolras looks so sad because he knows his friends will die and he knows they know, but still they keep holding on. And Combeferre, he looks at Enjolras and smiles at him, full of belief in him and as if he wants to say: see? We are all in this together. We’re going to do this, you are not alone.


don’t give up. you might be going through a tough time right now. you might feel like nobody is in your corner. you might feel like you’re just done and want to give up so badly. but i just want you to know, that i believe in you. i know you can do it. i know you can make it. i know everything will be okay. you just have to hang on a little bit longer and a little bit harder. you got this, and i will always believe in you.