A Non Exhaustive List of “Things I Need” to be Included in This Adaptation:


  • The Bishop thoroughly irritating Napoleon and co.
  • Tholymyes is the worlds biggest douchenozzle.
  • Thenardier accidentally saving Daddy Marius’ life whilst being his usual self.
  • Jean Valjean has an 8 pack. JVJ is shredded.
  • Javert is very happy to have caught JVJ. He smiles. It’s effing terrifying.
  • Sister. Simplice.
  • The Great Escape … OR: Tiny Cosette is smuggled out of a convent in a fruit basket and Jean Valjean gets carried out in a coffin meant for a nun who is actually buried in the convent (even though she technically shouldn’t be) and is nearly buried alive because Fauchelevent can’t convince some dude to get drunk… Also they then go right back into the convent they just escaped from *throws confetti*
  • Marius discovering his father’s backstory. 
  • Baron Marius
  • Marius can’t talk to girls
  • Courfeyrac tried to convince Marius to talk to girls and now Marius can’t talk to Courfeyrac either.
  • Marius: “I have come to sleep with you” *Courfeyrac raises an eyebrow*
  • Marius and Javert arrange a Sting Operation. It fails because Marius has a crisis.
  • “To Be Free” *mic-drop*
  • Cosette realises she’s fucking gorgeous and owns it. 
  • Just… Cosette is a badass.
  • Eponine
  • Marius sleeping with JVJ’s handkerchief.
  • Just… Marius tbh.
  • Thenardier gets sprung from jail.
  • Gavroche and his little brothers and the elephant ToT.
  • Bossuet gets kicked out of law school for being literally the nicest guy on the planet.
  • Joly has a cold.
  • Bahorel exists.
  • Grantaire. Just. Give me my babe in all his glory please.
  • “Who has been unhooking the stars without my permission…”
  • Eponine and Parnasse interact like at all.
  • JVJ gives Montparnasse a lecture.
  • Cosette and Marius actually spend time together not just one day.
  • Enjolras doesn’t like girls. Enjolras’ only partner in life is France.
  • Jean Provaire’s heroic death.
  • One episode is literally just a documentary on the history of sewers.
  • Cosette looking pleased as hell after their wedding night ;D.
  • Marius honestly believes Jean Valjean killed Javert.
  • Heartwarming reunion must make me cry. This is none negotiable.

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