Hey Warner Bros, have I got a cash cow for you to milk.

Now I never got into Pokemon. But all of this hype surrounding Pokemon Go has given me an idea.

And that idea is an app where you turn the real world into the wizarding world.

Think about it.

Make the entire world into a Harry Potter video game. You hold up your phone and all of a sudden there’s a Dementor in the street. Facing him now will surely mean death. So you have to go around the neighborhoods and collect Bertie Botts Beans (again, Harry Potter video game) so that you can exchange them for the Patronus Charm. You can also collect Wizard Cards and can do things to earn house points. (Much like Pottermore.) Along the way, you run into all sorts of creatures and characters. I’m not sure why Bellatrix Lestrange has decided to hang out at your grandmother’s house but you know what, there’s no time to question it, you need to open up your spell inventory and choose the right one to defeat her. Your loyalty is to your house but at the same time, you also want to collect as many beans/cards and defeat as many evil characters as you possibly can. The ultimate goal of the game is to find the locations of the horcruxes so that you can destroy them and defeat Voldemort. 

Seriously, Warner Bros. do it.


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