reneeelisegoldsberry: ….I’m trying not to cry cause there’s nothing that your mind can’t do. I love you Daveed!

jazzy_joness: The
teacher of embracing who you are and  giving your all and not giving a
damn who thinks otherwise. Forever my brother. Honored to call you my

  • bettcm: Said farewell to this one tonight. @daveeddiggs you will be missed. ❤️ xo #hamilton #broadway #squad #team #happytrails #potd #daveeddiggs
  • karlapunogarcia: Happy trails to this talented, kind man! .
    #happytrailstoyou #lafayettethomasjefferson #daveeddiggs #hamiltonbroadway #hamiltonmusical #richardrogers
  • sashaiman: •Happy Trails to this awesome man @daveeddiggs.
    As all the world knows already, he is a one-of-a-kind force not just
    onstage but as a human first and foremost. As much as I enjoyed watching
    him, I can say that sharing the stage with him has been an even greater
    experience. I’m so honored and grateful to be able to say that I had
    the pleasure of telling the story along side him for his final week of
    shows. I will hold that with me for life and I look forward to cheering
    you on and seeing what ventures the future has in store for you,
    including “Wonder”. Keep doing you and just shine my friend• #hamfam #positiveforce #greatsoul
  • hopebrooks: Fam4life
    #happytrails #shotsoutthegrammy
  • davidkorins: Taking this horse by the reins…he sure did. Happy trails, @daveeddiggs! Big 👟👟 to fill. 
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