ok i saved my old tumblr’s activity page to my laptop and i just now noticed i was tagged in memes and i’m really sorry, so i’m making it up to y’all now B) i’ll start off with this one and maybe i’ll get to the others later on ❤ 

Name: casey

Gender: female 

Star Sign: virgo

Sexual Orientation: asexual 

Hogwarts House: gryffindor 

Favorite color: blue, red, pink

Time right now: 8:54pm 

Average hours of sleep: around 5-6 hours, i stay up late even on school nights 

Lucky numbers: 2 

Favorite Fictional Characters: oh shit, enjolras definitely…i also like roy mustang, aladdin, wirt, fiyero, nick wilde, and blair waldorf bc i relate to her so much it’s wild (notice all my faves all over the place lmao…completely different fandoms)

Blankets I sleep with: i sleep with one, it’s a san diego chargers blanket and it’s v big 

Favorite Artists/Bands: ooh, the rolling stones, queen, the beatles, and fun mainly but there’s plenty more 

Dream Trip: france !! anywhere tbh, it seems like such a beautiful country

Dream Job: pharmacist, or smth else in the medical field ya know 

When did you make this blog: technically like 2012, but since i (accidentally) deactivated, i guess last friday lmao

Follower Count: 62

Posts: 188

Who are your most active followers: i don’t know, but i love y’all ❤ 

When did your blog reach its peak: (talking about the old one again) it started around december i wanna say ? when i got into broadway stuff, that’s when things got lit 

Why did you join tumblr: it seemed like a really cool site…i was wrong 

Do you get asks on a daily basis: no

Why did you choose your URL: i love the enjolras/grantaire ship, but enjoltaire was already taken, so i just took the t out and bam: enjolaire 

and i don’t feel like tagging, whoever wants to do this though, you should show me bc i’d love to get to know you B) 


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