We need Broadway Snapchat Filters

Newsies: a little dirt on your face, a Newsie cap
Beautiful: blonde curls and musical notes, when you open your mouth a piano appears at the bottom of the screen
Wicked: your face turns green
Shrek: same, except you now have antennae
Hamilton: you appear on the ten dollar bill OR you and two friends become the Schuyler sisters
Hairspray: the “chunky” filter but with a bow, and when you open your mouth, a can of hairspray appears and sprays you
Les Mis: your face on the Cosette logo
The Color Purple: at first it just appears to be the logo and a purple border, but when you raise your eyebrows, a cartoon version of Cynthia Erivo literally belts your face off
Little Shop: you get eaten by the plant
Rent: you’re now wearing the Mark scarf, and when you raise your eyebrows you hear the Alexi Darling voicemail
American Psycho: you’re covered in blood
Waitress: you’re holding a pie
Sweeney Todd: the filters for Waitress and American Psycho combined
Tuck Everlasting: your face appears for two seconds and is immediately replaced by the Hamilton filter


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