more little enjolras things: only ever cries when he gets angry (usually about grantaire. always about the government); only knows how to cook ramen noodles; is ambidextrous so he can write with one hand and drink coffee from the other; practices martial arts


thank god for these

  • the first time he tears up during an argument with grantaire grantaire’s obviously alarmed and he stops arguing immediately like “oh my god, are you crying? shit” and enjolras is like “no! no! i’m not crying! keep arguing with me goddamn it you’re wrong” and just, he’s bright red and there are tears in his eyes and his hair’s mussed because he keeps yanking his hands through it and grantaire’s like “uh huh, nope, maybe later big guy how about you take a nap” and enjolras practically shrieks 
  • when grantaire goes over to enjolras’s place the first time it’s a lovely apartment with a great view and the sofa’s are plush and huge and there’s an honest-to-god floor to ceiling window but when he opens the cabinets there’re piles upon piles of ramen noodles and grantaire just kind of “what, the fuck,” stops. upon closer inspection there’s another cabinet full of coffee but jesus christ that does not make this better and when he turns around to look at enj he’s so guilty, like he’s making himself all big and defensive and crossing his arms but he’s also biting his lip like…. “i don’t know how to make anything else,” and grantaire just starts howling with laughter because “oh my god fucking same” 
  • one time grantaire breaks his hand because he’s being stupid, and oh look it’s his painting hand! he’s so jealous of Enjolras’s ambidexterity that he could cry- actually, he does cry one, hopped up on pain meds and staring at the shaky sketch that was all his left hand could do. it’s still great, because grantaire’s ridiculous talented, but he thinks it’s awful and starts practically wailing in the back corner of the musain (much to the distress of everyone else in the room)
  • the first time grantaire tried to wake enjolras up he got the hardest kick he’s ever taken, right in his gut. enjolras is endlessly apologetic about it but when grantaire pops back up his eyes are bright and he’s, like, bubbling because “oh my god you’re amazing and wonderful and also can we spar together because i would do anything” 


  • everything in enjolras’s flat is meticulously clean except his desk, which is an actual wasteland. there’re coffee cups months old crowded dangerously on the edge, papers strewn everywhere- grantaire, who happens to be the exact opposite kind of person, nearly cries when he sees it because “dude, you have my flyers from two years ago on here, how long’s it been since you cleaned it? how can you even find anything?” and they clean it together because grantaire’s sure as hell not tackling that alone

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