Imagine if Enjolras gives himself one of those pep talks to himself every morning. As he is brushing his hair or planning to overthrow the government, he gives himself a little pep talk. 

Enjolras: You are a good leader. People think that your ideas are revolutionary, and you are going to change the world. You know why Enjolras? Because you are the man. The man!  When people laugh at your hair because it it a dandelion, they are laughing with you , not at you. They don’t laugh at you, you know why? Because you are a neat guy. You are cool. 

This is soon followed by twenty minutes of posing and flexing and flipping his hair in the mirror, before he actually gets on with his day. Enjolras considers one of his most awkward moments is when Grantaire walks in on him on him when he is doing his little pep talk and then Grantaire calls him .‘the Man,’ all day.

Enjolras later finds out that Grantaire gets a sport style pep talk from Joly, Bossuet and Muischetta before he goes on date with him. This includes a ground plan getting drawn out, a team high five and as Grantaire leaves the apartment to go on his date,  Grantaire rubs Bossuet’s head for luck and  Joly slaps Grantaire’s butt. While Chetta offers to make cookies if things go wrong. 

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