I had a random urge to watch the Lindsey Lohan Parent Trap today and then THIS happened. Hear me out.

  • Enjolras and Cosette (of coooourse) are twins, but were separated very very young at just a few weeks old, after Fantine got an infection during childbirth that she couldn’t recover from. 
  • JVJ was listed as Fantine’s health care proxy, but he wasn’t alerted about her suffering soon enough and had to fly across the world from America to France. When he arrived, she had already passed away. 
  • Enjolras had unfortunately already been put into the system before JVJ had arrived, because he was perfectly healthy, whereas Cosette had had minor complications and they had to keep her in the hopsital a while longer. Because JVJ was not listed as a godfather to them or anything of the like, information on Enjolras’ whereabouts was not granted to him. He fought to be allowed to adopt Cosette, however, and was granted adoption of her relatively quickly. 
  • JVJ took Cosette back to America with him and raised her whilst Enjolras grew up in and out of homes in the system until he ended up being arrested at age fifteen at a rally by Javert. After being released, when Javert tried to drop Enjolras off at his foster home, his foster family yelled at him to take Enjolras away. So he did. Javert gave Enjolras the option of going back into the system or coming to live with him, and though Enjolras was wary of Javert being the type of policeman he loathed, he saw it as a chance to maybe influence the police system for his causes, so he decided to stay with Javert, and that was that.
  • Both Enjolras and Cosette became close with their new guardians and wanted to know about their pasts. So, at some point, Javert and JVJ each let Cosette and Enjolras see some photos from their pasts. 
  • Cosette and Enjolras both get captivated by one photo in particular, a candid, taken from neither guardian, of JVJ and Javert strolling together in Paris as young men, holding hands, leaning in toward each other. They question their guardians about it, but learn nothing.
  • Years later, both Cosette and Enjolras hear about a camp program for adults who are striving for change throughout the world, with vast programs, but which also encourages networking, making friends, and having fun, so also includes all typical camp experiences like kayaking, rock climbing, cabins, bonfires, ect. 
  • They lose their minds with excitement and each decide they must go, so off they go to this camp in the middle of a forest in Massachusetts, each accompanied by a friend or two – Enjolras with Courfeyrac and Combeferre, of course, and also Marius. Cosette with her childhood friend, Grantaire. 
  • When they first encounter each other at camp, it’s during a debate program and they are heatedly against each other, so their first impressions of each other are negative. 
  • Cue their friend groups pitting harmless but aggravating shenanigans against each other. 
  • It all comes to a head during a camp-wide game of capture the mattress on a day when it’s pouring rain and all other activities had to be cancelled, so everyone is a muddy mess and competitiveness is high. 
  • Cosette takes Enjolras DOWN right as he’s about to cross over the line and win the game. Nobody’s quite sure if he made it safely or if she got to him first, and the teams are arguing mildly, but Enjolras and Cosette start full-on yelling at each other. 
  • So the organizer of the camp steps in and sends them off to an isolation cabin (but it’s a cabin with separate rooms, unlike in the film.) They have to stay their for a week until they learn to cooperate, because that’s what this whole camp is about. 
  • It storms like crazy one night and they both are nervous about storms, have never liked them, but are trying not to admit it to each other, so they start chatting to each other, until they eventually forget that it’s storming and are actually having a nice conversation, asking about each other’s lives. And they somehow bring up the photo.
  • And they both just stare at each other when they figure out it’s the same photo, and wonder what this means. And they ask what each other’s birthday is. And how their mother’s died. And they realize they are twins and lose their minds.
  • They want to know more about each other and the life the other leads, and why their guardians knew each other and aren’t together when they were clearly in love. So they create a plot.
  • They decide to say that part of the program can be to exchange homes for a month after the camp ends, so participants can gain experience working on issues in another country. But the catch is that they say this only when they’ve each arrived at the other’s home, with very confused and wary guardians. 
  • So Cosette is in France and gets to meet Courf and Ferre, but most importantly Marius, and falls in love with him whilst she’s collecting information about Javert and what happened between him and her papa. 
  • While Enjolras, meanwhile, deals with Grantaire and why he’s so infuriatingly beautiful until he opens his mouth, on top of putting together the puzzle of Jean Valjean’s past with Javert. 
  • Enj and Cosette Skype each other often until they get too caught up in each falling in love and piecing things together. 
  • They uncover that Javert and JVJ were in love once, until JVJ had to make a choice while Javert was in police academy, essentially breaking the law in order to help a woman (Fantine) escape from jail who he believed was innocent, and severely damaging Javert’s credibility as an officer. JVJ went on the run and they never saw each other again, but Cosette and Enj both remember the way each of their guardians looked at that photo and they KNOW they can get them back together, and thus stay together. 
  • So they make plan that involved Cosette bringing JVJ to Paris, and set their trap. (Grantaire comes too, because… he just has to, that’s my reason.)
  • In the end, they succeed in getting JVJ and Javert back together after a LOT of plotting and cleverness. The two men of course can’t bring themselves to separate the siblings again, either, so Cosette and JVJ end up staying in Paris. Grantaire decides to go to university in Paris to study art in the best city he possibly can, and he and Enjolras get together, whereas Marius and Cosette have been dating for MONTHS by this point. The rest of Les Amis also somehow all end up in Paris. 

That’s all, now continue with your scrolling.

Don’t let me watch trash movies. This is what happens.

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